We continue to deliver Minarca according to our goal with regular monthly releases! And this month’s release is a major one.

This new release includes major improvements to the administration area to provide the required tools for the administrator to manage the users’ backup.

It is now possible for the administrators to browse and restore other users’ data!

To provide better visibility to the administrators we have also included a new view to quickly display the servers’ logs.

Since Minarca can be installed in various environments, we have introduced a new view in the administration area to quickly display all technical information available.

We have re-organized our projects into a single repository, including server and client, to rapidly deliver more features.

Minarca a proven open-source technology backup solution that simplifies your work, allows you to provide exceptional service to your users and promotes a relationship built on confidence.

Minarca System Information view Minarca System Information view
Minarca User's repository view Minarca User's repository view
Minarca Server logs Minarca Server logs
Category: minarca • By Patrik Dufresne • 2019-11-06
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