I am pleased to announce the new release of rdiffweb made available on April 23, 2020.

Release v1.3.2

This minor releases fixes issues found while testing release 1.3.0. 

Release v1.3.1

This minor release enforces security of the password stored in rdiffweb database to make use of a better encryption using SSHA.
Only new passwords will make use of the SSHA scheme.

Release 1.3.0

This release focuses on improving the restoration of big archives including multiple files. The download should be much faster to start. Major enhancements were made to offload the processing outside the web server. And all of this is still compatible with rdiff-backup v1.2.8 and the latest rdiff-backup v2.0.0.

Category: rdiffweb • By Patrik Dufresne • 2020-04-23
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