Although it may seem strange to mistake one employee for another, it can unfortunately happen when internal resources are being managed by humans. For example, you may need to replace an employee and you inadvertently call in the wrong worker to take their place. On a production line, this can be expensive, in addition to creating dissatisfaction within your workforce. Opt for an effective software solution to optimize the management of your human resources.

The wrong employee

You urgently call in an employee to replace someone who cannot come to work. Once onsite, you realize that you didn’t call in the right person. Either they are not equipped to do the job in question, or they were not the next on the recall list to be called in for work that day.

This type of mistake can have significant consequences:

All of this could have been avoided with an effective and efficient planning software. {: .lead .text-center}

A clear, simple and easily accessible recall list

PLANIMOD software allows you to manage your human resources in real time by compiling data on your employees and establishing an editable recall list that takes into account the characteristics of your employees: seniority, absences, vacations, training, qualifications, shifts and production tasks.

In addition, this information is accessible at any time and easily transferable, as the recall list can be accessed by several key people within the company. Since the data is processed by a computer system, you also ensure that your internal resources are distributed equitably, to the great satisfaction of your employees. Using PLANIMOD will save time and ensure the proper use of your human resources.

Category: • By Patrik Dufresne • 2021-06-21
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