Minarca v3.7.0 – Officially support installation using APT

Minarca’s new release brings forth a feature that we have wanted to implement for a while now. In order to ease the installation process and make it completely seamless for system administrators, we have added an official installation using apt repositories.

APT Repositories for Debian

APT repositories is now the recommended way to install or quickly upgrade Minarca.

A complete easy to read step-by-step documentation on how to install Minarca is available in the documentation.

Furthermore, to make it even easier, we have provided an online script to automate the configuration of this APT repository for your server.

curl https://www.ikus-soft.com/archive/minarca/nightly/get-minarca.sh | sh -

Web interfaces usabilities improvements

In addition, we made small changes to improve the general usability of the web interface and the client. Firstly, we have changed some of the displayed date formats to “Updated ... ago” to quickly grasp when a repository was last updated.

Then, we added an extra validation of the user’s root directory in the administration panel to display a warning whenever the path is invalid or not accessible.

Client hardening

On the client side, the initial backup process is more robust and provides additional information regarding the errors in the event of failure. This provides more information to the administrator to narrow down the issue and fix it rapidly.

Here is the complete list of changes below:

Category: • By Patrik Dufresne • 2020-07-01
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