Rdiffweb Release v1.5.0

This new release of rdiffweb introduces minor modifications to the web interface to improve the general usability of the application. This release officially supports Debian Bullseye with Python 3.8.

To begin, we have changed the date format in various views to the following format “Updated ... ago”. This allows the users to quickly learn how old the backup is without having to do the math in their head.

Date format updated

Also, to improve the administration of a user’s repository, a warning was added in case the user’s root directory is not valid or not accessible by rdiffweb. This should help administrators to quickly identify configuration errors.

Root directory not accessible

Here is the complete list of changes below:

Don’t hesitate to install this new version!

How to Install rdiffweb

Category: • By Patrik Dufresne • 2020-07-01
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