Regardless of the process for the creation and distribution of employee schedules, it is difficult to avoid errors. Of course, these errors have a budgetary impact on your business, but beyond that it has an impact on employee motivation since they suffer the consequences of these mistakes. In the areas of productivity and profitability, it becomes essential to equip yourself with a planning software to ensure the optimal management of your staff.

What is the true cost of distribution errors?

Allocation errors in employee schedule and task distribution have an associated cost that can be clearly measured:

In addition, your employees could file a complaint against you that would require time and money to settle, especially if you must comply with the wage and union rules.

However, there is cost that is less measurable and much more harmful to your business, that of your employees’ motivation. Indeed, the presence of allocation mistakes create a sense of injustice and dissatisfaction among employees who are subjected to them and who feel frustrated and bullied. If these errors are common, it will have a long-term impact on their sense of belonging within the company.

How to avoid allocation errors?

PLANIMOD human resources planning software offers a very interesting solution for your business. By managing your employee lists, holidays and absences, training and qualifications, shifts and production tasks, according to pre-defined rules specific to your company, you will have access to the work schedules, a recall list and positions to be filled. This way, you ensure the proper usage of your workforce to the benefit of all.

Category: • By Patrik Dufresne • 2020-08-19
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