Work schedule creation can be a tedious task for any manufacturing company with a workforce of 50 to 250 employees, particularly when dealing with an employee’s unexpected absence due to personal or family issues. Are you able to quickly resolve staff shortages while complying with the recall order, as well as wage and union standards? A high-performance personnel management software is an indispensable tool to have.

Quickly resolving staff shortages

It goes without saying that scheduling becomes more complex with a higher the number of employees. Especially when an employee advises you that they cannot come to work one morning because they are not feeling well, or they must take care of a sick child. This is even more difficult because in order to replace them, the employer often must follow many guidelines, such as:

In the case of a unionized workforce, it will be necessary to ensure that the person replacing your absent employee is the appropriate person in the company's organizational chart and that work standards are met.

Furthermore, the person responsible for finding a replacement, i.e. supervisor, coordinator, production line manager, etc., will need to be well equipped so they can call a replacement as soon as possible in order to not impede the production process.

Accessing a simple and easily retrievable recall list becomes essential in order to optimally manage internal resources.

An easily accessible recall list

It is in the interest of productivity and profitability that the PLANIMOD personnel management software has been put in place to allow you to quickly resolve unforeseen events and to adapt to last-minute situations without affecting production.

All personnel data is listed and stored in one place and according to previously defined rules in order to assign the right people to the right tasks and identify internal positions to be filled.

This allows key people in your business to access the recall list in real time to quickly resolve staffing requirements. PLANIMOD ensures the successful management of your human resources.

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