Rdiffweb v2.1.0 - Improved Quota management & Bug fixes

With this new release, we are proud to bring huge improvement to the user quota management. For those of you that need to manage multiple user backups, it's the perfect solution to control the disk space used by each of your user.

Previous version had somewhat a very minimalist support for quota management using custom plugins. That was a rather undocumented feature of rdiffweb because the feature was not complete. With this new release, we complete the feature and added configuration parameters that could be used to define a command line to get and set user quotas. This allows enough flexibility to adapt to most environments.

You may effectively, define custom command line that will be called to controls the user quota. This command line could be adapted to call setquota command line or to call a custom script responsible for managing the quota the way you want. You may read more about it in the documentation. Two complete examples with ext4 and ZFS project quota are provided.

User quota displayed in repository view

When a user quota is defined, the web interface will display the quota usage accordingly.

User quota displayed in repository view

User quota editable in admin view

Administrator could check the user quota and update it if needed.

User quota editable in admin view

Rdiffweb integrate with OS quota management

Rdiffweb leverage the operating system quota management, so you can continue using the command line you know to manage disk space quotas.

Report user quota with repquota

Here the complete list of changes

Category: • By Patrik Dufresne • 2021-01-15
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