The person tasked with scheduling workers and production jobs occupies an important position within your company. This being said, one day you may have to deal with the fact that this person could decide to leave their job. This could be planned, such as a retirement for example, or this could happen suddenly if the person decides to simply change jobs. Will their departure have an impact on your business? To protect yourself, opt for a clear and easily transferable software solution.

Know how to bounce back quickly

No one is irreplaceable and our day to day lives change constantly, so it is essential as a business owner to ensure that your production plant can operate at all times, even if your planner decides to resign. Whether it be for sick leave, maternity leave, retirement or resignation, production lines should not be affected by the departure of a planner. Efficient human resources management will help you bounce back quickly.

Firstly, your planner should not be the only key person within the company to have access to the information that helps manage staff assignments and your production line. Identify staff capable of replacing your planner and train them gradually. This also enables you to count on key employees should your planner be on vacation.

Moreover, use an easy and transferable computerized management tool that centralizes information about your internal resources according to your company’s specific operations, and grant access to your key people so they too can participate in the planning of work schedules and production tasks.

Easily plan your production resources

Planimod personnel management software allows you to plan for your company’s production needs in one place with centralized staff data compiled in real time according to pre-defined criteria, in accordance with wage and union standards while taking into account employee preferences.

Because the information is accessible at any time and easily transferable, planning can be done by several key people in the company. Thus, the responsibility for planning depends not only on one person, but on many who have access to the same up-to-date information and who can export, among other things, work schedules and the list of positions to be filled according to the tasks to be performed to meet production demands.

Category: • By Patrik Dufresne • 2021-02-02
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