Why favour reverse incremental backup?

2021-05-19 - by Patrik Dufresne

Minarca, the centralized data backup management software developed by IKUS, uses the features of Rdiff-backup software built on a reverse differential backup process. Rdiff-backup was chosen for the multitude of advantages it already offered, namely the fact that it can be used on multiple platfo...

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Rdiffweb v2.2.0 - Ready for bigger deployment

2021-05-11 - by Patrik Dufresne

Since the last version release in January, we have introduced many major features and changes to Rdiffweb. Thanks to the IT department of Bern University of Applied Sciences who choose Rdiffweb to be part of their backup solution for the students. Many features that were planned are now a reality...

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Minarca v3.8.0, improved quota management and security

2021-04-07 - by Patrik Dufresne

Minarca's all-new v3.8.0 version showcases significant improvements to this open-source centralized data backup management software compared to the last update, which dates back to June 2020. This update offers enhanced features to its users who will appreciate the new simplified disk quota manag...

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Rdiffweb, simple and easy features for optimal use of Rdiff-backup

2021-03-24 - by Patrik Dufresne

Rdiffweb is the perfect web interface for Rdiff-backup because, through its many features, it ensures the use of the easiest open-source backup management software. In addition to easy access to backups and archives on your computers and servers, you get intuitive navigation through a simplified ...

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Which backup solution should I choose: Rdiffweb or Minarca?

2021-02-24 - by Patrik Dufresne

Which backup solution should I choose: Rdiffweb or Minarca? Many have asked about the differences between Rdiffweb and Minarca, backup management software developed by IKUS. If both these open-source products seem identical, it is because the Minarca backup system includes all of Rdiffweb’s funct...

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Don’t sweat your planner's departure

2021-02-02 - by Patrik Dufresne

The person tasked with scheduling workers and production jobs occupies an important position within your company. This being said, one day you may have to deal with the fact that this person could decide to leave their job. This could be planned, such as a retirement for example, or this could ha...

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How to flash an LSI SAS2008 controller for ZFS?

2021-01-20 - by Patrik Dufresne

We recently updated Supermicro Fat Twin SuperServer 6027TR-DTRF servers by replacing the SATA controller card with an SAS controller card. On these models, it is necessary to replace the BPN-ADP-SAS2-L6i daughter board with an integrated LSI SAS2008 controller that is commonly used for RAID serve...

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Rdiffweb v2.1.0 - Improved Quota management & Bug fixes

2021-01-15 - by Patrik Dufresne

Rdiffweb v2.1.0 - Improved Quota management & Bug fixes With this new release, we are proud to bring huge improvement to the user quota management. For those of you that need to manage multiple user backups, it's the perfect solution to control the disk space used by each of your user. Previous v...

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Minarca for centralized management of your data backups

2020-12-18 - by Patrik Dufresne

Minarca offers an overview of your data Minarca offers simple installation Minarca offers a client to automate your backups on Windows and Linux

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