Rdiffweb on Python 3

2016-03-20 - by Patrik Dufresne

During the holidays, I had planned to use my spare time to work on Rdiffweb. There are a lot of minor issues I wanted to get fixed. I like to improve Rdiffweb. Even more since I'm using it to offer professional backup storage for small-medium business (Minarca). So, the plan was to fix minor stuf...

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Rdiffweb release announcement v0.8.3

2016-01-21 - by Patrik Dufresne

Since I didn't announce the major release version v0.8 publish in December, I will announce the minor release v0.8.3. It provides various fix to properly generate tar.gz and zip archives for foreign language. As for release v0.8, here are some highlight included in this release: Introduce a plugi...

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New buisness card

2015-10-29 - by Annik Dufresne

It's a pleasure to present our new business card!

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Launching Minarca

2015-10-08 - by Annik Dufresne

Who among you never had the bad experience of losing important data, forgot to perform a backup or loose an equipment? Minarca is a safe and automatic backup solution. Data is accessible via it's web interface. Whether you are an individual, self-employed or a small business, Minarca has a plan f...

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Rdiffweb demo web server

2015-08-21 - by Patrik Dufresne

To allow interested users to have a quick interactive overview of rdiffweb, we created a demo version. In this demo, you can see all the cool features without having to install the software! The demo site is protected by password. The login details are: https://rdiffweb-demo.ikus-soft.com/ Userna...

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Test rdiffweb with Vagrant

2015-08-14 - by Patrik Dufresne

To facilitate access and evaluation of rdiffweb to newcomers, we've created a configuration file for Vagrant. Vagrant is a tool that easily creates a virtual machine and run a provisioning routine. For more information, visit the Vagrant's website. In short, with this tool it is possible to have ...

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Font Awesome for SWT

2015-07-11 - by Patrik Dufresne

With growing demand for web application, we see a lot of new technologies to meet that need: Bootstrap, node.js, Vaddin, Fontello, etc. Today, I try to bring some of this technology to desktop application development. Yes, it still exists! I developed a library to easily use Font Awesome icons in...

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Rdiff-backup compared to others

2015-06-28 - by Patrik Dufresne

With the development of rdiffweb and soon the launch of our online backup solution minarca, rdiff-backup is at the center of our solutions. Personally, I am an rdiff-backup user for over 5 years. I use it to make backups of servers and my laptops. Recently, I came across an article that compares ...

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Switch button for SWT


I'm working on a Java project making use of SWT where I wanted a nice user interface for the configuration panel: something modern and nice looking. I was inspired by the simple design of Gnome 3. SWT widget does not provide a switch button out of the box. Various projects are proposing a switch ...

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