Rdiff-backup compared to others

2015-06-28 - by Patrik Dufresne

With the development of rdiffweb and soon the launch of our online backup solution minarca, rdiff-backup is at the center of our solutions. Personally, I am an rdiff-backup user for over 5 years. I use it to make backups of servers and my laptops. Recently, I came across an article that compares ...

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Switch button for SWT


I'm working on a Java project making use of SWT where I wanted a nice user interface for the configuration panel: something modern and nice looking. I was inspired by the simple design of Gnome 3. SWT widget does not provide a switch button out of the box. Various projects are proposing a switch ...

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Rdiffweb development version

2014-11-28 - by Patrik Dufresne

For those willing to test it, I'm working on a future rdiffweb release. I've already wrote about it in my previous post. Have a look at github and the roadmap to know what changes. Quick How to install (on debian or ubuntu) sudo apt-get install python-cherrypy3 python-pysqlite2 libsqlite3-dev pyt...

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Rdiffweb maintainership is transfered to us !


I want to thank Josh Nisly who accepted to transfer the maintainership of rdiffweb to us. It's a really great new. We have a great future in mind for rdiffweb and related solutions. The past two years we've worked on rdiffweb to release small features and bug fixes, but we weren't the official ma...

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New cover for rdiffweb


I have plan to provide better support for rdiffweb (professional support). I have great plan to extend it's usage to all sort of backup solution known to us, like rsync and duplicity. This plan start with a complete revamp of the templating engine. Current version use a home made templating engin...

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Using Discrete Card on ThinkPad T430 with Optimus disabled

2014-08-10 - by Patrik Dufresne

The last few days, I've been struggling to get my laptop (ThinkPad T530 with Optimus) working with my new 4k monitor (ASUS PB287Q). This monitor need to be connected wither with HDMI or with DisplayPort. I know as a fact, the DisplayPort is not wired to the Intel video card. It's only connected t...

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PPTP VPN with DD-WRT and TP-Link TL-ER6120


This article describe, how to setup a VPN connection between a DD-WRT router and a TP-Link TL-ER6120 acting as the PPTP server. TP-Link router PPTP server WAN IP : pptp.server.com Local subnet: DD-WRT router PPTP client Local subnet: Configure PPTP Server Configurat...

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Disk bottleneck with HighPoint RAID and ASUS E35M1-M


Installing a HighPoint RocketRAID 2300 SATA controller on a motherboard ASUS E35M1-M may cause you problem. In the long term, the performance is horrible. The maximum read speed for a disk was 2.6MB/sec. A reboot solved the problem, but only for a while. Further investigation lead me to the follo...

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Multiple subnets with DD-WRT


This week I configured a network with two routers and multiple subnets using DD-WRT. This article explains how I did it. This following graphics represent the physical topology of the network. For this setup I bought two router TL-WR941ND. First step is to replace the stock firmware by a DD-WRT f...

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