Disk bottleneck with HighPoint RAID and ASUS E35M1-M


Installing a HighPoint RocketRAID 2300 SATA controller on a motherboard ASUS E35M1-M may cause you problem. In the long term, the performance is horrible. The maximum read speed for a disk was 2.6MB/sec. A reboot solved the problem, but only for a while. Further investigation lead me to the follo...

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Multiple subnets with DD-WRT


This week I configured a network with two routers and multiple subnets using DD-WRT. This article explains how I did it. This following graphics represent the physical topology of the network. For this setup I bought two router TL-WR941ND. First step is to replace the stock firmware by a DD-WRT f...

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Face lift for rdiffweb


For backup solution, I'm using backupninja. It provide a wide range of handlers to backup stuff if different ways. Often, I only need to backup the MySQL and the filesystem. The configuration files are easy to understand and modify to suite my requirement. The handler I use most is the rdiff-back...

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Java Bidirectional HashMap collection


I'm using Apache commons collection for quite some time. For those who doesn't use it yet, here is a link to the project : http://commons.apache.org/collections/. Basically, it make it easier to manipulate collections within Java from filtering, transforming, sorting ,etc. It also provide new kin...

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Licensing Module for Java


I'm working on a closed source product called Ekwos. It's a software to manage equestrian competition. The licensing model for this software require to be renew every year. For this reason, I wanted to add a basic licensing module to control who may use the software and for how long. After some r...

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