Do you store your password in a text file?

2021-08-25 - by Patrik Dufresne

Where do you store your passwords? In a Word document? Online ? You might as well write them on a poster outside your house, it would be the same. I take this post to inform people that there are easy to use, secure and free tools to properly manage your passwords for all of the online services y...

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How to flash an LSI SAS2008 controller for ZFS?

2021-01-20 - by Patrik Dufresne

We recently updated Supermicro Fat Twin SuperServer 6027TR-DTRF servers by replacing the SATA controller card with an SAS controller card. On these models, it is necessary to replace the BPN-ADP-SAS2-L6i daughter board with an integrated LSI SAS2008 controller that is commonly used for RAID serve...

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Rdiffweb v2.0.0 - Drop python2 support & Add Debian package installation

2020-12-04 - by Patrik Dufresne

Drop Python 2 support With this major release, we are officially dropping support for Python2. We have kept it long enough and similar to rdiff-backup we need to move forward. Removing all the Python2 code should speed up our development and reduce the maintenance time. If you still want to insta...

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Our attendance at the CBC Code Print event hosted by COIN-OR


At the request of the COIN-OR Foundation, we participated in the CBC Code Print event held at the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) on the University of Minneapolis campus from August 1st to 9th. Although the COIN-OR Foundation is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of k...

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Linux support for Asus GL504GS


We recently had to buy a brand new laptop because the one we used so far, a Gigabyte P55W v7, has given up suddenly. In hindsight, it seems that it was only the memory that was defective, but in the urgency, we did not take any chance and we bought a new computer, the Asus ROG GL504GS. Yes, anoth...

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How to setup Gitlab CI/CD ?

2018-05-23 - by Patrik Dufresne

We’ve been using Jenkins since 2014. Jenkins serves us well for the last couple of years. But with the rise of CI/CD, there are more tools providing rich full feature for CICD integration. Gitlab CICD is a new player from a well-known vendor. This article won’t go into details about the pros and ...

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Proxmox VE: ZFS primarycache=all or metadata

2018-05-23 - by Patrik Dufresne

Awhile back, we benchmark our Proxmox infrastructure in various ways mainly to experiment and to get the maximum out of the hardware we had. We did write two articles on the subject to share our result and conclusion, but we did not take the time to share all our result. In an initiative to conti...

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Proxmox VE: RAW, QCOW2 or ZVOL?

2017-05-03 - by Patrik Dufresne

In our previous article, we compared the two virtualization technologies available in Proxmox; LXC and KVM. After analysis, we find that both technologies deliver good CPU performance, similar to the host. On the other hand, disc reading and writing performance are far from advantageous for KVM. ...

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Proxmox VE: Performance of KVM vs. LXC

2017-02-25 - by Patrik Dufresne

Since the company's inception in 2011, we have used a variety of virtualization technologies. These technologies' benefits are rather indisputable: cost reduction and ease of management (backup, migration, cloning, etc.) In fact, virtualization has become a must in the field of information techno...

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