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Error-free management of equestrian competitions, rodeos and gymkhanas

Designed specifically to meet the needs of competitions, Ekwos is a software that allows you to centrally manage all aspects of your sporting events in real time. Its many features allow you to process registrations, results, payments, official reports and communications with members of your association or club in one place, quickly and without errors.

Efficient and easy-to-use competition management software

Ekwos offers a very intuitive graphical interface. Quickly, you will be able to take control of this complete software and you will immediately benefit from its efficiency by simplifying your work tasks and saving considerable time. From all the information you enter at the time of your events - names of participants, players and mounts or cars, teams, points, contact details, means of payment of award, etc. - Ekwos compiles the data, does the calculations and gives the results in real time. You no longer have to do tedious compilation work and thus ensure compliance of the results.

A reliable, robust and proven competition management tool

Designed over 10 years ago, the Ekwos competition management software has proven its worth as it is used by many associations and clubs every year. The most reliable and robust solution, this software not only allows you to obtain real-time results without errors, but also to accumulate all the data over the seasons of the players and to preserve the results for the long term. You will appreciate the fact of generating in just a few clicks the reports to be submitted in accordance with the regulations in force, as well as the checks for the payment of scholarships and emails to communicate with your members.

The optimal solution for your competitions

Ekwos is the perfect software to reduce your workload and save time during your competitions:

  • Easy registration of registrations
  • Compilation of results in real time
  • Fast reporting
  • Simplified payment of award
  • Sending group emails

A comprehensive and easily accessible compilation tool

Ekwos software is available in two versions to meet your needs. Can be installed on one or more devices, the STANDARD VERSION is accessible at all times on your computer. As for the PROFESSIONAL VERSION, includes an online application that offers the advantage of being searchable on the Web by all the people to whom you give access and which allows the updating of information in real time during your competition. You can use it on all your smart tools (laptops, tablets and phones).


  • List of participants with identification number
  • List of teams with bibs
  • Cumulative points per team
  • Points charter
  • Charter of payments
  • Calendar of competitions
  • Printing of checks for grant remittance
  • Printing of envelopes with rider addresses
  • Sending individual and group emails
  • Financial report
  • Membership renewal
  • Customization of the configuration

We are always looking to improve processes for the users of our software and, in doing so, contribute to the open source community. Thus, Ekwos is constantly evolving by offering new functionalities. Tell us about your reality and we will be happy to develop this tool to better meet your needs as a competition organizer.

Easier registration entry with an optimized interface. Easier registration entry with an optimized interface.
Easy navigation for entering times and producing results. Easy navigation for entering times and producing results.
The Administration section offers a variety of reports to facilitate the management of your association. The Administration section offers a variety of reports to facilitate the management of your association.

An online user manual

In order to quickly get started with this equestrian competition management software, to personalize its configuration and to go further in learning advanced features, you can download the user manual in .pdf version on your computer and even print it if needed.

Would you like to know more about the Ekwos open source competition management software in order to centralize all your event data?