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Equestrian competition management
software for the gymkhana equestrian associations

Workload reduction
EKWOS offers a user-friendly, simple and efficient interface.
Improved productivity for registration.
Quick and easy production of results and other reports.
Fast payments for scholarships.

Let Ekwos reduce your administrative tasks

Software accessible to everyone

Ergonomic and easy to learn, you can master EKWOS quickly.
You become independent and can tailor EKWOS to your needs.
You have access to comprehensive documentation.

Read the documentation

Reliable, robust and proven

The software has been used for 10 years without design flaws.
During competitions, you can concentrate on your work: EKWOS is there to help.

Avoid hassles during registration and competitions

In constant evolution

Since its creation, EKWOS is continuously improving.
Various functionalities are constantly being improved or added.
We listen to our customers.

Improve your productivity

Some of the EKWOS features

Riders registration and modifications
Horses registration and modifications
Registration and competition management
Production of pre-and post-competition reports

…and many other features
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