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A centralized management of data backups

Minarca is a self-hosted open source data backup software that allows you to manage your computer and server backups for free from a direct online accessible centralized view of your data with easy retrieval in case of displacement, loss or breakage. This ensures the automatic back up of your data while having access to it at any time.

Simple and accessible data backup software

Easy to install and use, this software offers a most attractive alternative to companies that must manage data backup for multiple users. Whether it be the management of your customers' or your employees' archives, you can do so from one place by having an overview of your data, as well as by controlling available space and access.

A digital tool adapted to your reality and to your image

Built on proven technologies, also developed under an open source license, the Minarca software adapts to your reality through the addition of new functionalities and a customizable interface, just like your business or that of your customers. We allow you to offer the best possible backup system to your users while contributing to the progress of the community.

A competitive solution for your customers or your business

Minarca offers optimized data backup management for people using the Linux environment:

  • System administrators working in SMEs providing IT services to their customers
  • Companies with 10 to 50 servers that want to provide data backups independently
  • IT fleet managers in control of a company's entire IT system
  • IT enthusiasts looking for new technologies to explore

Easy and secure data backups

Developed under an open source license and available for free, the self-hosted data backup software Minarca is installed in just a few clicks and is immediately ready to use. Ideal for centrally managing backups for multiple computers and servers, it provides isolated access to every user with their own disk space and customized backup settings. The simplified web interface gives you easy access to your backup data wherever you may be!

Using the safest mechanisms available on the market, Minarca is designed to limit the execution of malicious commands. This open source backup software is built from proven technologies (rdiff-backup). We work closely with the teams that develop them to guide the orientations and thus participate in the development of their full potential.

How it works

Minarca can be installed on a fixed or mobile workstation (customer), on a Linux Debian or Windows workstation (customer) and/or on a Linux Debian server through a simple execution program:

  • Customer: Provides a user interface so you can configure backup settings.
  • Server: orchestrates data backups from a web interface.

The client and the server then communicate with each other to establish backup links.


  • Customizable appearance
  • File explorer
  • Earlier version file and directory restoration
  • Historic backup
  • Selective backup
  • Background automated backup
  • Authentication and authorisation of users via a local database or LDAP
  • Backup failure email notification
  • Encoding configurable repository
  • Configurable retention period
  • Viewing backup statistics using graphs
  • SSH Key Management
  • Disk quota attribution
  • Reactive web interface for easy use on mobile devices

In order to meet specific features that you would like to use, you can sponsor the addition of a new feature. Thus, you participate in the development of the open source community and we recognize your contribution.

A customizable interface for consistency with your communication tools

In order to promote the confidence of the users of this software, we also help you to personalize it. Thus, data backups will be done from an interface consistent with the image of your company or that of your customers.

…and many other features.
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